Club Policies

Please take a moment to review the policies listed below. They are in place to insure the comfort and overall positive experience of ALL our guests. While individual events might have specific rules the following are to be adhered to at ALL Events!  Regardless of reasons anyone not adhering to these policies will be asked to leave the club, refunds will NOT be offered. Furthermore management reserves the right to bar from future entry anyone asked to leave.

  • No means No.
  • You must be at least 21 years old to enter the club.
  • Illegal drug use, including marijuana, on club premises is not tolerated.
  • Holding a cell phone or camera is prohibited within the club. Please keep phones in a pocket or hand bag with the sound OFF. If you must check your phone, go to entrance area. Anyone caught even holding a phone (or camera) FOR ANY REASON will immediately be asked to leave the club.
  • The term couple refers to a Male and Female. Two men are NOT considered a couple.
  • Aggressive/rude behavior is not tolerated. Guests are under no obligation to do anything they aren't comfortable with. Participation by one half of a couple does NOT guarantee participation by their partner. No means NO.
  • All exits are final unless approved by door staff in advance. Guests are allowed only one re-admittance. NO congregating in front or along side of building. Be considerate of our neighbors and keep voices low when exiting.